Friday, August 5, 2016

I’m Baaack!


Okay, thank you for still reading this after I have been gone for so long.  Wow!  What  a time we have had. 

I’m sorry that it seemed like I abandoned this spot.  I haven’t; it is just sometimes life becomes complicated.  So, what has been happening?  Well,  Silent Sam worked for a company for 35 years and that suddenly closed one night.  Yep, we found out at 2 a.m. that he was out of a job.  As you can imagine, this was not good news and it led to a lot of transitions. His new full time job was looking for a job.  After eight months, he found a position in a different city.  We decided that we would take it slow.  He got an apartment by his new office and  came home on weekends.  I stayed in our home and started cleaning up and cleaning out.  We had been in the house for 31 years and there was a lot to clear out. 

(Which is a great thing to do, by the way.  I am a huge fan of cleaning out.  It is freeing.  The worst part is that you have to find somewhere to get rid of everything.. Anyway, we conquered that and got rid of lots of stuff.)

After six months, Silent Sam loved his new job and we put the house up for sale.  It sold right away and there we were without a new house.  So we put everything into storage and lived for a month or so in Silent Sam’s apartment.  We did finally find a new house and then moved (again!) to our new home.  Two weeks later, I went back to our previous town and had my knee replaced.  Between the hospital and rehab, I was gone about 3 weeks. 

And if that sounds like we had a lot going on, there was one other INCREDIBLE  thing that happened.  The day before my knee surgery, our daughter gave birth to our first grandchild.  Yes, our perfect grandson was born.  He is a day older than my knee. 


So many highs and lows in a small of time! 

So, recovery has been going well and I am working to get back to you.  I have started cooking again so I hope to be sharing new recipes with you soon.  I know I have talked about this before but I am back using my bread machine.  Be honest, how many of you just thought, “I have one of those somewhere.” Yes, I think there was a time when everyone had to have a bread machine.  When I was cleaning out, I found mine.  Actually, had you asked me, I would have said that I got rid of it years ago.  Wrong again!  There it was and I started using it.  The machine that I have makes a small loaf that is great for the two of us.  (Which is a good thing because if you have ever made bread this way, you know that it doesn’t last long.) 

It feels great to be back!  Thanks for your support!

I also thought that this new start should have a new look.  What do you think?

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