Friday, February 12, 2016

Life Changes

Our house is up for sale.  We have been in our house for 31 years and now we are moving to a new city and will have to re-establish our lives.

It is exciting and daunting.

Right now I feel like I am living in a museum.  Some of the furniture has been removed and other pieces re-arranged to make the house look as large as possible.  My comfortable chair is not where it has been so I cannot sit in it and watch the television.  I find myself just getting into bed earlier than usual and watching television or reading just so I have a comfortable place to be.

Nothing feels quite right and it is stressful.  Trying to clean out all those years of stuff and thinking of moving what is left to a new place is, at times, overwhelming.  We have more stuff to throw away than will fit in our garbage cans every week.  Amvets has started stopping every Monday whether we call them or not.  Our first showing was last night and the dog threw up 10 minutes before the people came to the house.

All of this reminds me of when we first started our journey with diabetes.  That first diagnosis throws your world off kilter.  You wonder if life will ever be the same and you worry that it will be worse than before and much more difficult.

Well, it will be more difficult but it will be the same or sometimes better.  I think we forget that often times big change brings some wonderful new things into our lives.  There is no doubt that the disease is hard to deal with but maybe you will find new things in changing your lifestyle that make it better than before.  You may find that by going for that walk that you dread as exercise actually becomes a beautiful daily walk that clears your head and gives you a nodding acquaintance with some new people.

I find that instead of thinking of what I am losing, I need to concentrate the wonder of all the changes and the great things the future will bring. That is what needs to happen with diabetes too.  While you may feel that you are losing, you need to concentrate on all the wonderful things that life brings.

Thanks for reading!


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