Thursday, August 6, 2015

10 Worst Diet Choices

You may find this hard to believe but I do not always have a lot to say. There are times I can be quiet. And there are times the I wonder what I have to tell you on this blog.

Yes, you guessed it. Today is one of those days. To try and trigger a thought, I went on a quick google tour of the internet.

And I found a really interesting article.

Now, I could re-phrase the article and re-work it and make it mine but I don't think I will do that.  I am instead going to send you to read that article. (I know, I'm lazy so you have to click and read on another page. Is that what you get for loyalty?)

The article is on 10 foods you should avoid if you have diabetes. This is usually not my kind of article. Let's all say it in unison - "You can eat anything in moderation!" And that is true but there are some things that just really can't be redeemed. Come on you can't be surprised that sweetened drinks are at the top of the list. The list just pretty much makes sense but it is a good refresher none the less.

Top 10 Worst Diet Choices if You Have Diabetes

Even though the title doesn't say it, there is also a list of 5 of the best foods. At least they give you foods to eat when telling you what not to eat.  

And it you want a real laugh, look at the list to the left of the article on "Most Popular Posts" and check out the article on What the Color of Your Urine Says About You.  I particularly like what it says about having purple urine.  

(Made you look, ha ha!)  

Have a great week!  

Thanks for reading!  

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