Friday, May 8, 2015

Just a note!

Just a quick note -

Next week is DBlog week.  This will be my third year participating.  During DBlog week, there is a topic for each day for participants to blog about.  Part of it will be a test to find the time to blog for 7 days!

So, this week is very short but there will be plenty next week!

There is just one other thing that I wanted to mention to you.  I don't know if you are on Facebook (And if you are, would you please "like" The 9 Inch plate?) but maybe you saw a challenge that was going around to give up a whole list of food for 21 days.  I read the list and was taken back by how hard it would be to give up those things.

Then I read Gretchen Rubin's Happier at Home.    In her book, she talks about how she has found that it is easier to abstain then try and moderate eating habits.  That really struck a chord with me.  (I seem to have a musical theme today.)

I decided to go back on Facebook and find that list and really try to give the items up for 21 days.  Well, as those things go, I could not find the list.  I decided to make my own list.  On Monday, April 13, I gave up Coke, chips, crackers, and candy.  It just so happened that cookies and cake fell into the list but I must admit that I just didn't have any not because I gave them up.
I made my 21 days!  The worst part was that I missed Coke.  Yes, I refer to it as the "nectar of the Gods"  I realized that it is so convenient to just walk into the kitchen and grab a can.  Replacing it with tea has been okay but not as convenient.

I decided to keep going with the abstinence.  The 21 days were not bad and I know it is good for me.  Since I know what day I stopped, I can keep a calendar to see how long I can go.  I am now at 26 days.  WOOT!

I hope you are doing well.  See you here all next week.

Thanks for reading!

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