Thursday, April 30, 2015

Get Fit–Don’t Sit

Have you heard?  “Sitting is the new smoking” can be heard in all the corridors.  People are busy using treadmill desks and exercise balls for desk chairs. 

I don’t know about you but with my bad knees, I have found that if I don’t get up and move every half hour or so, I can really tell when I do get up. One of my biggest problems is that I get working and forget to get up and move.  I have tried setting a timer but either I forget to set it initially or I am busy and think “one more minute” and then forget or I forget to re-set the timer.  And then I am sorry.  With the timers on phones and tablets so easy to use, you would think I could take this easy step. 

Maybe sometimes the easy steps are the hardest.  We should all probably move more and I just need to set it as a priority. 


With this in mind, the American Diabetic Association has declared May 6th to be National Get Fit Don’t Sit Day.  As stated in their literature, “the goal of the National Get Fit Don’t Sit Day is to encourage people to get up and move throughout the day.” 

Want to join me in celebrating National Get Fit Don’t Sit Day?  Great!  If you have any ideas to help me make sure I get up and move, please let me know.  I would appreciate your help. 

If your company would like to participate in this event, the ADA has a tool kit that you can download for information, press releases, and artwork.

Thanks for reading!

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