Thursday, March 19, 2015

There is an app for that.

How often have you heard the saying “There’s an app for that.”  These days there are “apps” for everything and sometimes that is a really good thing. (Except of course for the really terrible apps.  I read about one that was Christmas at the Dentists which had ads throughout for a funeral home. Such holiday cheer!)

I was reading today about a company by the name of Glooko. The company makes a device that can sync to your phone to download all the information from your glucose meter.  It can sync from over 30+ of the current meters on the market. It will not only download the information but it can put it in graph form.  It can also sync to your fitness devices like Fitbit to incorporate your fitness into your blood sugar monitoring so you can see the direct affect that your exercising has on your levels. 

The reason that Glooko is in the news is because they  have picked up some major funding to work on their next product.  They want to make an app that will connect to wireless meters and glucose pumps.  They have gotten major funding from several sources including the medical device maker, Medtronic.  In the article, it states the Glooko has picked up $16.5 million dollars in financing from various sources, including Medtronic, for the new product.

There is also an interesting article and video about the current device from ABC 7 News.
I think it is really great that there is work being done to help people manage diabetes better.  Anything that can help will mean better and longer lives. 

Thanks for reading. 

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