Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Valentine’s Day Dilemma

Here it is roaring up on us – Valentine’s Day.  That day of hearts and love and PRESSURE.


I sometimes wonder if there are more people who love Valentine’s Day or if there are more that dread it.  I also wonder if a greater share of men dislike the day.

Silent Sam and I do not celebrate events in a big way.  We usually get cards (one funny and one serious) and then sometimes a gift and sometimes not.  This is a year that we are not exchanging gifts for Valentine’s Day. 

But I was wondering about gifts that would not be the usual flowers or candy.  So, if you are looking for some ideas, I have a couple for you. 

1.  I received the following gift a few weeks ago and I thought it was really cool. 


It is a jar with 31 little envelopes.  Each envelope has an inspirational card in it.  The gift is available from 1-800 Flowers.  Here is a link to it.

2.  My next idea actually goes back to my high school days.  One year I gave the love of my life a keychain engraved with our initials.  His on one side and mine on the other.  My girlfriend thought is was a great idea and she did it too.  Her gift was infinitely more humorous since her initials were “VD” and his were “BS”. Still it was a nice gift. You can check your local jewelry store or here.


You are right, I just love telling that story.

3.  The American Diabetes Association has many items available that not only can help you but you are also donating via your purchase. Their shop is located here.

4.  I have talked about medic alert bracelets before.  It is nice that you can find cool ones to wear.  If you need one or want to look at an interesting selections you might want to check out Lauren’s Hope Medical I D jewelry.

5.  Another type of gift is to make a donation to an organization that helps people with diabetes.  I have just heard about an organization that looks like it deserves your attention.  It is called Spare a Rose Save a Child

spare a rose

Those are just a few ideas for you to use to celebrate Valentine’s Day without flowers or chocolate.  Have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

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