Thursday, February 26, 2015

Organization - Your Medicines

Last week I talked about having a medical information binder.  It can not only save you time but it could also be a lifesaver.

This week, let's look at your medications.

Should you keep your medications in the bathroom?

This is something that we all do that we shouldn't. Your bathroom has temperature and humidity changes that are not the best for your medications.  It is far better to keep them stored out of the sunlight and where the temperature is relatively constant. And if you are like me, somewhere that you will remember to take them!

One of the ideas that I like is to keep your medicines all together in a plastic bin.  There are all sizes and price points available these days.  I was looking at the web site for the Container Store and saw some that might do the trick.  They even have a handle so that you can just pick up and go when you are traveling. Also with the lid on the box, it is easier to keep it away from your pets.

The sides are translucent but the top is clear so you can easily look in it.
Disposal of unused medications 

Somehow every time I go to clean out my medicine cabinet, I find unused prescription medicine.  Now you know that these days you are not supposed to throw those medicines in the waste basket.  But do you know what to do with them?  I found a web site that will direct you to the closest pharmacy that will take back the drugs for proper disposal.  You can go to Dispose My Meds and click in the upper right hand corner on the word "locator" and then fill in your zip code.  It will then show you where you can go in your area.  Also, check with your town.  Where I live, we can take old prescription medicines and sharps to town hall for disposal.

Prescriptions for controlled substances have federal guidelines for disposal.  Those guidelines are as follows:

1. Take your prescription drugs out of their original containers. 

2. Mix drugs with an undesirable substance, such as cat litter or used coffee grounds.

3. Put this mixture into a disposable container with a lid, such as an empty margarine tub, or into a seal-able bag. 

4. Remove any personal information, including Rx number, on the empty containers. You can cover the label with black permanent marker or duct tape, or scratch it off .

 5. Place the sealed container with the mixture, and the empty drug containers, in the trash. 

We sometimes forget to take medicine. It is not out of the ordinary for me to put reminders in strategic places.  

Just a little reminder hidden away!

Of course the other thing you can do is use the alarm function on your cell phone.  That is an easy way to remind yourself.

I hope you have a great weekend!  Take care!

Thanks for reading!

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