Thursday, June 5, 2014

Take a Little Break Today

Okay, let’s face it dealing with diabetes can be a drag. It is work. It is exhausting, it affects your mood, and you can feel that overall sense of not wanting to put up with this any longer. 

I know.

So, let’s take a vacation for a few minutes. Let’s recharge and go somewhere else - at least in our mind. 

Let’s start with a song. 

So maybe now you are feeling a bit better. Maybe you were even moving to the beat.  Good!
Now let’s think about your perfect day. Here in the Midwest, we had a perfect day on Tuesday. The sun was out, the humidity was low, and it was in the lower 80’s. A beautiful day. To make the day even better the peonys finally started to bloom. They are running about a month behind but there they were showing off their beauty. 

The color of the peony just pops right out at you! 

Thinking about a vacation is something else that can take your mind off diabetes for a few minutes. Where would you go? What would you do? How about an island – one with a rainbow?

Do people ever tire of rainbows?  They always seem special, don't they?

Maybe shopping is something that makes you happy. I am not much of a shopper except for bookstores. I tend not to go to bookstores because, well, the following sums it up perfectly.

I only wish it weren't true!

So think of what you would do on a perfect day. Relax and smile. You deserve the break.

Thanks for reading!

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