Thursday, February 20, 2014

Feet are on my mind today.

As I am sure you know, feet are a big thing with diabetics. If they aren't on your mind when you think of taking care of your diabetes, they should be.  Your feet are pretty important and you need to give them a little attention. After all, where would you go without them? 

5 Dos and Don’ts for your diabetic foot care

Do –

1.        Always wear shoes. Protect those tooties inside and out. Come on, we all stub our toes occasionally but if you had shoes on, you wouldn't stub your toe.

2.       Check your feet each morning to see that everything is okay. Look for any spots that look different whether they are dry patches or a sore. If there is something wrong, go have it checked immediately.    

3.       Moisturize your feet! If your feet are really dry and the skin is cracked, then you need to get them pumiced and moisturized.  The cracks in your feet are openings that invite fungus and bacteria. Use a pumice stone in the shower (see video on how below) and try my favorite foot moisturizing idea.  When you are ready for bed, use a product like Aquaphor on your feet and put on some old LOOSE cotton socks. While you sleep, the ointment can work on your dry skin. If your efforts are not working, please go to your podiatrist and have the doctor get the dead skin off your foot so that you can keep it healthy. 

4.       Be careful cutting your toe nails. The nails should be cut straight across to prevent ingrown toe nails. If you are having problems cutting your nails, you can have the podiatrist cut them when you are there for your visit or if your podiatrist offers pedicures, you can pamper your feet instead of just cutting your nails. 

5.       ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS wear shower sandals at the gym and pool. Protect your feet from fungus that lives and thrives in those environments. 

Don’t –

1.       DON’T Ignore any open sores on your foot. If you get a blister, watch and make sure it is healing. If you cut your foot, WATCH it. If the area turns red, feels warm or you have a fever, get to the doctor. If you see a red line going from the sore up your leg – go to the emergency room. NOW. 

2.       DON’T wear shoes that are too tight. They will rub and compromise your skin. When you buy shoes, they should feel comfortable right away. There should not be a break in period. 

3.       DON’T wear socks that are tight. They should be comfortable but not leave marks on your skin. Socks are too tight if they leave marks on your feet and legs. If you have swollen ankles and feet, you can buy diabetic socks. They are made for a looser fit. 

4.       DON’T Wear sandals when you are participating in activities where you could cut your feet. For example, wear shoes when you are mowing the lawn not sandals.  If you are doing handyperson jobs around the house, wear shoes to protect your feet. 

5.       DON’T miss your annual or semi-annual appointment with your podiatrist. 

I hope you all have a great weekend. 

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