Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hobby Time

Now that the winter doldrums have set in with a vengeance, it might be time for you to get off the couch and start a hobby. 

Ideally, you might want to pick a hobby that will have you moving. What do I mean about a hobby with movement? Well, photography can involve you going out to take pictures and moving around to get the right shots. Bird watching is another hobby that involves you getting out and moving to see the birds. Perhaps you are a car enthusiast.  There are car shows all around and you can go, walk around to  look at the cars and talk to the owners. Find out more about the car and then you may find other outlets where the car people get together. 

                                                              Photo by Peter Mazurek

Art and craft shows also provide a chance to get out, walk around, and talk to people. The craft people are there to sell, of course, but they are also willing to tell you about how they do what they do. You may just find a new hobby from attending the shows. 

Maybe you took up running for exercise this year. Join a running club. You not only will meet people to urge you on but they also can help you with tips to help your running. The support will help you keep up with the sport. 

While some might say that a belly dancing class or a tai chi class is an exercise class, it is also a learning experience. There is a lot to learn and remember in each of these classes.  Expand your mind and shrink yourself! 

There are so many different hobbies and there are groups for each. Maybe you like to read. That is great but wouldn’t it also be fun to meet and talk about the books you read? You can check out your local library or senior center to see if there is a book club. Ask at your local bookstore. If they don’t have one, maybe you could organize one for them. Or start a book club yourself.  You may find that your local coffee shop will be happy to let you use their space – especially at an off peak time. 

How about pottery or jewelry making? Check out your local community center or art center and see what they offer. Maybe you would be able to make next year’s Christmas gifts. 

Why and I talking about hobbies? One of my hobbies is quilting. I have found that when I am working on a quilt, I am absorbed and tend not to eat. My hands and mind are busy. (I can’t eat while I am doing it!) It is good for my mind to keep busy and not just sit and watch TV.(Where it is easy to eat while you are watching.)  Also, there are groups that I can join that not only would give me a chance to meet new people but also get help in advancing my skills. 

People, in general, love to share their hobbies. It gives you a chance to be more engaged with people and feel good about the knowledge gained. 

                                                         Photo by Robert Linder

So, are you sitting there thinking that you have no idea of a hobby that might interest you? Well, you can take a look at your local community center class list or maybe your local community college list. I know that our local community college has non-credit classes that teach on lots of topics from computer skills to photography to drawing. You could sign up for a class and in the class you will see if you like the hobby and then also be able to connect with others so that when the class is through, you can continue with the hobby. 

Also, I have found an umbrella organization called “Meetup”. ( Groups sign up and are listed in a weekly email. All members of Meetup receive the email to let them know about the meetings for the coming week. You can also sign up to attend the meeting through the email. For example, this week there is a group for people who like craft beers to meet and talk, a group of people who like to play games, a beading night, a knitting group, a writing critique group, a reading group, a chamber musicians group, a techie group, and a Mom’s group. Last week, there were completely different groups meeting all around town. 

Silent Sam told me last night that he read that most people give up on their New Year’s Resolutions by January 17. Let’s start something new on January 17th.  How about trying a new hobby? I would love to hear if you do, so please let me know. You can find me on twitter - @the9inchplate or on Facebook at The 9 Inch Plate or as always you can comment below.

Thanks for reading!

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