Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Year End Preparation

Now that the year is coming to an end, if you have not been as diligent as you perhaps should have been, it is time to go to the doctor and get checked.  If you have hit your deductibles for the year, then really go as it won't even cost you anything.  Or if you have some form of a health savings account, use it up by going to the doctor.

But I have been to my internist and my endocrinologist, you say.  What else should I do?

Have you been to the podiatrist?  Call now to get an appointment to see the doctor by the end of the year. The doctor will check out your feet so that if there is anything that needs to be taken care of you will know and can plan for it.  If you are wondering what happens when you go to the podiatrist, please check my prior post (click HERE) and you will see what happens and why you should go.

How about the eye doctor?  You may go to an ophthalmologist or an optometrist.  But you need to get your eyes checked at least annually if not every six months.  Diabetes can have terrible effects on eye sight but if caught early enough, something can be done to prolong your vision.  I also have a prior post about going to the eye doctor (click HERE) for why you should take the time to go.

So go to the phone now.  There isn't much time to get an appointment so don't delay.  It can be your Christmas treat for yourself.

Thanks for reading!

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