Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Exercise in hot weather

Here in the Midwest, today it is a hot and humid day.  This morning on the weather they were talking about it being 100 degrees with the heat index.

Usually we think of exercising outside during the summer months.  Who doesn't want to be outside and enjoy the sun and warmth while we can?  I don't.  I really hate sweating.  I really do.  I find nothing redeeming about it.  I try and convince myself that it is good for me and that I am flushing out toxins. (I don't know if this is true but I am going with it.)

But days like today and days with ozone warnings are not really good days to exercise outside.  So what alternatives do you have?  Well, actually swimming is one exercise that you could be doing outside on a day like today.  Either a swimming pool or body of water can be good on days like today.  I would caution you that if you are not used to swimming in a body of water (lake, river, ocean) that it is not like swimming in a pool and it is much harder.  So if it is your first time trying to swim for exercise in a body of water, make sure you allow yourself to get a feel for what it is like before you go tearing off.  (you want to make sure you have the energy to return!)

But what about moving inside?  Well, you can go to a gym or park district and perhaps they have equipment there or even a class that you could take.  I think that you will find most of those places air conditioned and exercising will be comfortable.

It is important to remember to keep drinking water while you exercise even if you are inside.  Your body needs lots of fluids in weather like this.  Keep that water flowing.

Now, what if you don't have a pool, lake, gym, or park district to go to to exercise?  I suggest that you go to your living room.  You have a few options there.  Turn on the TV and start running in place through your show.  When it goes to commercial, take a break and then start up again when the show starts.  If you do that through a half hour show, you have 20 minutes of exercise done.  WAHOO! Does running in place not sound like fun through a whole show?  So run in place part, do jumping jacks through part, and then run in place again.  Just keep moving during the show.

Instead of turning on the TV, use that Wii that is sitting on the floor.  There are fun games on there (bowling, golf) that you can play to get some exercise.  There are even exercise games that you can buy specifically for the Wii.  No one is watching to see how well you do and you might find it is fun.

Or crank up the music and dance.  Yes, I mean that.  Dance.  Shake it and rock it.  Laugh at your self.  Impress your imaginary audience with your moves.  Dance to several songs and you will know that you have gotten some exercise.  Do that for 20 minutes and you will feel it.

Try to get your heart beating a bit faster this summer.  I know it is hard to convince yourself to go out in this weather.  Don't get off track just try something new.
Thanks for reading!

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