Thursday, June 6, 2013

Positive Things About Having Diabetes - No I am not serious...

Today we are going to go in a slightly different direction.  I feel like I am always writing about things to worry about with diabetes.  Today we are going to look at the positive.  (with tongue firmly planted in cheek)


 Positive Things About Having Diabetes

When someone brings treats to the office or a gathering that don't look very good, you can beg off by telling the person you are diabetic.  Just telling people that you are on a diet will sometimes not stop them from urging you to try "just a little".  But being diabetic should stop all requests.  If it doesn't work, you need to perfect your withering look and suggest to the person that you could die from eating their treat.  That should stop them.  Quite frankly, if it doesn't stop them then I think that you should stay away from that person.  If it is your boss, I hate to tell you but I think that is a bad sign.

You no longer have to worry about being pre-diabetic.  The deed is done.  It is no longer hanging over your head.  You have moved up to the big leagues.  

Now you have a reason to keep some candy with you at all times.  You need to be prepared for low blood sugar, so make sure you have a supply.  Okay, we all know that you need like only one roll of smarties but you could have been a boy scout and so you are always prepared. 

Say you are at a restaurant with a group and you are cheap.  When it is time to pay the bill, you can get up to go to the washroom to check your levels or to go shoot up. (Yes, that is what we call it in our house - we are, perhaps, not very serious around here.)  It may be that by the time you get back you either don't have to pay or the bill will be figured out and you don't have to sit through the figuring out.   I personally hate the figuring out.  I will not get into gender stereotypes here (HA!) but there are those that like to divide the check by the item and those that just divide the check by the number of people.  I much prefer dividing by the number of people because then I can make sure there is a fair tip.  Some people are cheap tippers and I don't want the wait person to think it was me.  

Oh, yea, back to the "fun" of being diabetic...

My last positive thing about being diabetic is that if you are invited to a nude beach, you have a built in excuse as to why you cannot go.  Personally, I can think of many reasons why I would not go.  If you are diabetic, you cannot go barefoot.  There is your reason.  No problem.  Your welcome.  So the next time someone invites you to a nude beach, you can think of me with thanks.

I'm here for you.

Thanks for reading!

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