Friday, June 21, 2013

Opps! Man Down

It must be true that opposites attract. Silent Sam likes to sweat. I absolutely do not like to sweat. I am not sure that either of us likes to exercise but we like different seasons when we do. 

I would rather be cold. Yes, cold. I liked walking by the lake when it was in the 30’s. Brisk is what I call that. SS is not interested in that at all. I got him some cold weather running gear but it doesn't matter, he doesn't like it. On the other hand, he will go out for a run when it is 90 degrees out. I don’t want to leave the house – even to go to the yard – when it is 90 degrees out. 

So as you can guess, he is back running outside. Yes, as it warms up his workouts increase. I think he has lost his mind. His run usually takes him about an hour. Of course, I don’t ever think to check the clock when he leaves so it seems sometimes like he is gone forever. Just as I think that I should start searching the neighborhood for his crumpled little overheated body, he will return home. As an editorial comment, (which he will really appreciate) I think you should look better when you return from something you supposedly like to do. At least you should be able to look like you are happy to have accomplished something. But who am I? I certainly don’t look in the mirror when I am finished with whatever I did to exercise. 

So, I was a bit shocked when SS came in last Sunday morning. He had not been gone very long. (I could tell it had not been long because I was on the phone and we had barely revved up to discuss the week’s events) To be honest, he looked grey. And not the good 50 shades way. It seems that he had fallen. He was trying to adjust his stride and hit a crack in the sidewalk. He fell on his shoulder. After sitting for a few minutes, he took a shower and came downstairs to read the paper. After a while he decided that he needed to have it checked out. One quick trip to the ER later, we had been told he had a chip in his glenoid (the shallow part where your arm goes into your shoulder) and he was sporting a sling. They said that if it got worse that he should see an orthopedist. 

We were pretty much ready to leave it there. He started feeling better slowly.

Several days later, he received a call from his doctor’s office asking him if he made an appointment with the orthopedist. They told him that he had a fracture (yes, a chip is a fracture but calling it a fracture sounds so much more serious) and he needed to go to the ortho. They even made him an appointment! So off he went. The first part of the appointment was good news. It seems the ortho felt that the chip was an old injury. (Huh?) Then came the part we didn't expect - he was worried that the rotator cuff was torn. 

Oh yuck!

That is a whole different kettle of fish. Silent Sam had an MRI and is waiting for the results. He still has pain with certain movements. We are really hoping that some physical therapy will be the answer. 

So doesn't it always seem to happen? I thought it only happened to me but it seems to be pretty universal. You just start some behavior that will improve your health and the next thing you know the universe has sent you a giant curve ball. It makes it even harder to keep your resolve. And keeping your resolve is very hard all on its own. Believe me, I know it is so much easier to watch TV or read than go out for a walk around the block after dinner.

So, how do you keep your resolve when life gets in the way? 

Thanks for reading!

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