Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Are You In a Sorry Box?

I just read a blog post that talked about being in a "sorry box".  It seems that was the term that the blogger's grandfather used for when someone was feeling sorry for themselves.  (Thanks, Kenya!)

I like that "sorry box" concept.  I can be guilty of being in a sorry box occasionally.  Can't you?  There are just times that it is hard to have the usual rosy outlook on life.  Sometimes life is just the pits but that is okay.  It shows that you are living your life.

We have been caught in our sorry box around here lately.

I can remember when I was started  high school that the seniors looked so much older and I thought they really had it together.  I looked forward to having that feeling.  As you may have guessed, I never had that feeling.  I was disappointed   How come I didn't have it together like the seniors before me?

And now, I would have thought that by my age that we would just be sailing along without any problems.  I didn't expect any health issues or financial issues or stress.  I don't remember my parents having problems...

Once again I am the victim of naive thinking.  Life is never really smooth.  Life is not without problems because you have reached a certain age.  If you are truly living, there is much that can go right and much that can go wrong.  You just need to be able to climb out of your sorry box and move ahead again.

If you have a serious illness, climbing out of your sorry box can be hard.  When you are doing well with your serious illness, it makes it much easier to feel good about yourself and  believe that you have conquered some of your demons.  When you think that you have conquered it, you let your guard down and you can end up back in your sorry box. It is much harder to get back on track.  That sorry box can just keep getting bigger and bigger.  It becomes an easy place to hide.

As I said, we have been caught in our sorry box around here lately.

We have not been careful with what we are eating or that we are exercising.  It is so easy to get off track.  I think that I have even put a blanket and pillow in my sorry box!   I have gained back some of the weight I lost.  (I will not speak for Silent Sam...)

I am on week three of trying to find a new routine.  So far, so good.  I have decided that I will make a couple of changes and live with them for three weeks before I try another change.  For the past three weeks, I have been getting a morning routine together.  I get up and do my exercises.  Then I go down to my desk and write my morning pages*. I allow myself weekends off the exercises but Monday through Friday, it is out of bed and on with a very unattractive outfit to exercise.  I will admit that I have stayed in bed longer the last couple of mornings because I knew that when I got out I had to exercise.  Well, at least I didn't talk myself out of it.

I have stepped out of my sorry box.  I have been exercising.

Do you fall into a sorry box?

Thanks for reading!

*Morning pages are a term from Julia Cameron.  If you would like a quick definition, you can see it here - Julia Cameron Basic Tools.  If you would like to hear more of a discussion about it, you can click here to see a You Tube interview with Julia Cameron.


  1. Carol I am in awe that you wrote this after reading my post. When I was looking for a post to share with TALU I always look at the post from this time last year first. I looked at that one and said, "I don't want to share that, its not funny." But I had that "feeling" that it should be shared and that it would touch someone who needed to read those words. I am glad to pass on wisdom from my grandfather. There's power in a few words that can make a difference in someone's day and another's life. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Kenya, Thank you! I really appreciate the inspiration.

  2. Long time sorry box resident here. One day I just gave myself permission, silly as it sounds, but it got the job done. I love your three week change method. It's something I do too and it's helped a lot.

    Best of luck on your changes! You're doing great.

    1. Thanks, Sopphey! It is like the old joke. How do you eat an elephant. One bit at a time.

  3. My friend called it the Pity Pot. "Sooner or later, ya gotta get up and flush." LOL!

    I'm glad to hear you got out of the box, into the unattractive clothes and exercised. Bravo! Be sure to celebrate this.

    Also ... getting into unattractive clothes puts a damper on things. Embrace your exercising. Claim your power with a cool T shirt. LOL!

  4. Boo for the Sorry Box!!!! I don't like hearing that you are there. I'm there much more often than I'd like to be too. I'm inspired by your work to turn it around though - I think I'm going to try to get a morning routine going too! Thanks for the great advice.

  5. Karen, The morning routine has helped. I still want to get things done before I take my shower - what is with that? It seems to be a habit hard to break... Oh, I better get in the shower now.