Thursday, January 31, 2013

Something New - Some Web Sites

In my attempt to have fascinating things to share with you, I signed up for Google Alerts.  Google Alerts are one of those things that have probably been around forever and I just didn't know about them.

With Google Alerts, you sign up for a topic and once a day they deliver news references on that topic to your inbox.  If you are interested, you can sign up at google/alert

I have now seen more information on diabetes than I knew could be generated each day.  I will say that I think some of it is a bit suspect but that is not Google's fault.

But isn't that a good thing?  Okay, the suspect articles are not good but I am hopeful that with all the press that there will be progress.  There seem to be some new drugs that have been approved the by FDA and some bad news about liver disease in diabetics.

There was some hopeful news about a new prevention  program for those at risk for Type 2 diabetes.  The YMCA has joined forces with the National Institute of Health to offer classes for at risk individuals to make lifestyle changes to avoid becoming diabetic. If you are interested or know someone who is interested, you can go to the YMCA and find out more.

There are also classes for those with Type 2 diabetes that have been far more effective than was anticipated.  It seems that while the researchers were not sure that adults, especially older adults, would feel comfortable learning in this setting, that the group setting helped people feel more comfortable asking questions and learning more about how to take care of themselves. It is very encouraging news.

I have also signed up with a new site that you may find interesting.  The site is Quora.  On this site you can research the answers to questions and find out what is new and trending on a vast variety of subjects.  For example, on my home page right now, there are questions about being able to absorb Vitamin D through a window, questions about interior design and questions about feeling better about ones self.  The questions on the home page run the gamut  but you can also research a particular topic.  Sometimes it is fun just to see what questions people are asking.

People are fascinating.

So today instead of a recipe, I shared some web sites that you may find interesting.  I hope you enjoy looking at them and finding information.

Thanks for reading!
On this cold day in the Midwest, here is a tulip to warm you up!

Side note - if you click on the words in grey, they will take you directly to the web site discussed.

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  1. Thanks for that Google Alerts tip! I'm off to check that out right now.
    Also, I'm interested to hear that you signed up for Quora. After that great article you shared with me, I considered it. I was afraid it would be another time-sucking place like Facebook. But maybe since you signed up, I will too, and give it a go. **OM .. I have self control**