Wednesday, January 9, 2013


So what do you think about resolutions?  Since the new year has started, the topic is everywhere.  I have read about how to make and keep them, about not calling them resolutions, and that you should start by making the change into a very small step and build from there.  

Do resolutions work for you?  

When I think of new year 's resolutions,  I think of people making broad statements like "I am going to eat healthier" or "I am going to lose weight."  I know that those are too all encompassing and the don't have the narrow focus that you would need to really change behavior.   

I think that I have confessed to you before that it seems that whenever I set a specific goal - I will lose 20 pounds by March 1 - that it is the surest way to sabotage myself.  I suck at goal attainment.  I don't know why.  I don't want to suck at goal attainment but I do.  

Are you thinking that I need a shrink?  Yea, that is possible but it isn't going to happen - at least not right now.  

It is also supposed to help that you confess your goal to the world so that you will be too embarrassed not to succeed.  That doesn't work either.  

So how am I - and you, my friend - going to make the changes that need to be made in life?  

Let's pick one thing.  How about - I am going to cook one new recipe every two weeks.  I will then  share the recipe with you. It gives me something new and different and gives me something to share with you.  See, I am thinking about you!

How do I go about doing this?

Step 1 - Find a new recipe
             A.  Look in cookbooks with recipes adjusted for those with diabetes
             B.  Look in the magazines that I get with recipes and see if they will work
             C.  Look on-line - Pinterest is a great source 
                                          there are numerous sites with recipes for diabetics.

Step 2 - Edit recipes for ease of preparation and ability to find ingredients

Step 3 - Put recipe on our schedule for the week

Step 4 - Put all the ingredients on shopping list

Step 5 - Actually make the recipe 

Step 6 - Critique - note changes that might improve the taste or wad up recipe into a ball and drop kick it

Step 7 - Share with you. 

Is it just me or does this seem like a lot of work?  I know, it is worth the effort.  I think that part of the problem is that I don't like to make food that doesn't taste good and when you try a recipe, you just don't know how it will work out.  I don't think it is a fear of failure as much as a fear of wasting time and money.  

I need to get over it.

So, how about if we make that a resolution for the year.  I will pass on to you a recipe every few weeks.  I hate to commit too much because if my every other week recipe stinks, I am not passing it on.  (Did I ever tell you about the cauliflower recipe that was supposed to replace mashed potatoes?  Oh, what an utter smelly failure!)  

Does that sound fair to you?  I will make sure that the recipe has the nutritional information.  Could you use some easy new recipes?

Let me know what you think either in the comments below or on Facebook ( The 9 Inch Plate) or Twitter (@9inchplate)  If you can take a minute to "Like" me on Facebook or "Follow" on twitter, that would be great!  

Thanks for reading!


  1. I would love this, Carol. I'm always looking for good, healthy recipes to try. I love trying new things, but I hate it when they don't turn out well! Plus, after so many years of doing it, I get tired of cooking. Getting your recipes will give me a kick in the pants! Great idea! (No diabetics here, but we both need to eat well and watch our weight.)

    1. Gerry - As I easily confess, I am a disinterested cook at this point. Really, pretty much a toss up as to whether I was ever an interested cook.... The diabetic recipes are just healthy recipes. I hope you enjoy them!

  2. You mean that the cauliflower thing doesn't work? Dang. I was going to try that. (this wants to post as anonymous. . . if it does, I'll . . . be . . . back.)

    1. That califlower recipe is just the WORST. I know who you are but with that name no one else will....

  3. I love this idea. Especially with the prospect that I'll be taking the next step in living on my own (more permanence) and trying to spend less on take out :)

  4. For all you do, I am happy to help you out.

  5. Sounds great to me - I'm always looking for new dinner ideas. And heck, I say post the "failures" too, so we know what recipes to avoid.

  6. Carol, I like this idea. It sounds fun and doable! I should do something like it with my boys. I'm curious what recipe you will tackle first. :)

  7. It does sound "doable" and it has gotten me back to the cookbooks and magazines. I have one semi flop going right now.... Can't decide if I should post it or not.