Friday, November 2, 2012

Thankfulness Project Day 2

On day two of the month of thankfulness, I am so thankful for my husband.  He is the light of my life and so many good things have come from knowing him.

In case you were wondering, I am not thankful for his diabetes.  But in the following days, I will tell you the things that I am thankful for that have come from him having diabetes.  That is looking at the upside, isn't it?

So I hope that you are thinking of your blessings this month.  It does help the spirit soar.

Thanks for reading!


  1. What a beautiful tribute! Am looking forward to reading more.

  2. Hi Carol: This post is intriguing. For some reason, I was under the impression that you and your son had diabetes. Now I am learning that it is just your husband and not you. Glad to have my facts straight. I look forward to reading more about your husband. Thanks for participating in my November challenge!

  3. Great post, and I agree with looking for things about diabetes that we can be thankful about. I'd LOVE to see a world with diabetes, but until then I think it's important to recognize some good things that might come from it.