Wednesday, October 17, 2012

And Then I Got Sick

The last two weeks have been a bit of a blur.  I have a cold.  There maybe more to it but the bottom line is that it is cold.  I even broke down and went to one of those clinics in a drug store.  I was given some antibiotics but I don't think they have done a thing.

This makes me think about how we were supposed to be prepared in case Silent Sam got sick.  Since I love the "get prepared" thing, it was right up my alley.  We were supposed to have supplies ready so that if he got sick we would know what to do.  We were told that even getting a cold could affect his levels so that we needed to be ready.

It is now 11 months later and we are not prepared.  It was another one of those instances of me wanting to move ahead but not wanting to push him about it.  As with many things, there is a delicate balance.  As I have talked about before, you need to pick your battles.   (a lesson that applies to all of your life)

Not only are we not prepared but now I don't even remember what we were supposed to do.  I can still see the video in my mind but not the specifics.  Luckily, I have the internet at my fingertips and there are articles to help.  (Okay, the standard warning applies on internet articles - if they don't sound right, they probably aren't. ALWAYS look at the source and see if you can find several articles that give the same information.  Information from the American Diabetes Association is a good source.  Information from Joe Blow's I can eat all the food I want and my diabetes isn't affected blog probably (absolutely) should be ignored.)

It seems that just having "the common cold" can affect your blood sugar levels.  When your body is busy fighting the invasion of germs, it is hard for it to also regulate your insulin.  You might want to start by checking your levels every few hours just to see how they are affected.

It could be that you are not interested in eating (oh, I do dream of feeling that way).  You still need to eat and stick to your meal plan.  You may need to have foods that have carbohydrates but are soothing.  You could try a Popsicle or fruit juice bar.  The world renown cure of chicken soup is also a good idea.  You need to keep the fluids flowing so that you don't get dehydrated.

Also, if you take over the counter medicines, you should check the labels or ask the pharmacist.  Some medicines are high in sugar and that is just not what you need.  Look for the words "sugar free".  Those cough drops really need to be checked.  The reason they are so good is that they have sugar.

Also, have a list of your diabetic team's phone numbers.  Don't hesitate to call and ask questions.  Keep track of when you started to feel sick, how your levels have been and what you have taken so that you can give them the best information when you call.  They want you to be well; let them help you.

So, I think when I am feeling better, I will put together a plan.  It is easier to figure out what medicines would be good when you are not desperate to find them.  Yes, I just have to get well first. A clear head will prevail.

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  1. Yes, Colleen that is the answer and I tried. After a few nights on the couch I gave up and went back to bed. He is fine.... Must have been a "just for me" cold.

  2. That advice all sounds good to me - especially checking for sugar / carbs in over the counter meds. I've heard there is a significant amount of carbs in Nyquil (over 20 grams, I've been told, though I haven't verified and have never used Nyquil). But in any case, yes, prepping a plan in advance is great and something I should revisit.