Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pizza, Coke, and Walking

Do you ever go to a restaurant that has a bit of everything on the menu?  There is just an amazing selection of food that covers many nationalities.  It is actually hard to pick out your meal because there are so many choices.

Today's post is a bit like that.  There is not one cohesive theme.  It is a collection of ideas.

Okay, what we really need around here is a "good for you" pizza.  Maybe this is impossible but I think there must be a way.  We both crave a pizza occasionally and so far we haven't really liked the ones we have made.  Someone must have a good  recipe to share.  Please share it!  We broke down Tuesday night and ordered out a deep dish pizza.  It was very good but we both found it a bit rich.  So please help! 

As of today, it is one month since I have had a Coke.  I certainly hope that you are standing cheering for me.  It has been hard - maybe not as hard as I would have thought but it is hard.  The other day, I felt a migraine starting and was paralyzed.  In the past, I would have run to get a Coke for the caffeine.  So now I am almost caffeine free.  I have been drinking organic decaffeinated green tea and water.  When we were on the road one day, I had an apple juice from the oasis.  It had more calories than a Coke!!!  I miss my old friend.

I have been off the walking circuit for the past month.  I hurt my iliotibial band.  I didn't even know that I had an iliotibial band.  It runs from the hip to the knee.  I went to the doctor - which is proof that it really hurt - and have been in physical therapy for the last month.  I was released from physical therapy today!  That part is good.  The bad part is that my knee is not in very good shape.  It seems that Arthur Itis has come calling and has moved in.  The good news is that I can go back on the walking trail.  I think that is really a mixed message.   I can get back because I can't damage my knee any more than it is.  I have a topical drug to try to see if it helps.  Let's hope!

In a prior post, I had told you that I don't enter into weight loss competitions because it seems to have the opposite effect for me.  Okay, I did enter into a competition with my daughter. It was even my idea! As you might have guessed, the first week I gained a pound.  Really....  The second week, I lost two pounds which means that I am really only down one.  I know you can't tell but I am gritting my teeth.  This is not going to be pretty. 

In the meantime, Silent Sam lost 5 pounds.  He has been able to exercise while I have been sidelined.  He has taken up running.  It has been awfully hot this past week, so he is a bit off in his training but he still lost 5 pounds.  Sigh....

I think we have decided on our next walk/run.  It will be on September 15 - at night!  It is the Firefly Run (you can walk it).  If you would like information about it, here is the link -

It looks pretty fun.  It might even be cool enough outside to move by then. 

Please pass along any "healthy" pizza ideas!  We need your help!

Thanks for reading!

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