Thursday, July 26, 2012

If it was a Honeymoon, it is in DANGER

Oh, it's the honeymoon, he said as he laughed a bit.  I sat with my mouth open.  

I was at the annual meeting of the ownership of a medical building and had just told the doctor sitting next to me about Silent Sam being diagnosed with diabetes.  I was telling him how great SS was doing.  I was stunned by his comment.  Here is the worst part - he is the nicest guy.  He is the kind of guy that you know was a great doctor because he was so nice. 

I did not tell Silent Sam about the "honeymoon" comment.  I did look on the internet to see if this was a common term.  It seems that it is a term used with Type 1 diabetes. It refers to a period after the diagnosis that the Type 1 can eliminate or reduce the need for insulin.  This is a temporary phase.  The insulin injections will become necessary as the body stops producing insulin again. 

I can see that perhaps it could be said that we have been in a honeymoon period.  We made so many changes when SS was diagnosed and we find now that we are lapsing a bit.  Sort of like a young bride not being as fussy with cleaning as she was at first.  It is very hard to change so many bad habits and think that you won't have days of weakness. 

In this house, one of the weaknesses is with snack food.  We have a rule about how to eat snack food.  You are supposed to take out a small bowl and use that to measure a portion of the snack food to eat.  We have slipped up on that a few times lately.

We seem to have gone back to having a cocktail time before dinner.  Okay, it does not mean that we drink - it is time that we have something to drink (tea, water, wine) and a snack.  We had been really good about that snack being carrots or sugar snap peas but a few times the bag of pretzels or sweet potato chips made it to the table. 

The thing about cocktail time is that it is not about the drinking and eating.  It is a chance to talk over our day and our thoughts.  A time to reacquaint after a long day of work. I like this time.  It also means that dinner is pushed back a bit.  All too often after dinner, we separate and go to our home offices to work until 9 p.m.  So that cocktail time is our best chance to talk about what is on our minds. I think that we will just have to work on how we handle our cocktail time.

How do you handle your version of cocktail time?  Do you have a favorite snack?

Thanks for reading!