Thursday, July 12, 2012

Big Goals and Capers

I do have a subject on my mind today. Okay, there are many more but I don't think you are interested in my review of the Chamber of Commerce meeting that I attended. I will put that on a blog that is a review of amazing human beings.

 The subject is about books. I read. Since I started this blog, however, I have been reading an entirely different kind of books. I was usually reading "popcorn" books. The kind of book that you can read quickly and it isn't a huge investment in brainpower. (You can stop judging now...) I have now been reading books about writing and social media. Somehow, those books have led me to also do some reading in the "positive thinking" genre.

One of the books that I have not yet finished - because I seem to have book ADD and keep switching from one to another - is Platform by Michael Hyatt. Michael Hyatt is a very interesting person. The part of his book that I have read so far talked about goals. His theory, which really rang true to me, is that you need to set BIG goals. Really big goals. Why? Because if you set really big goals you will work to achieve big things. Gee, it makes sense, right? How can you accomplish big things if you don't try?

So, even at my advanced age (you better be laughing) I have decided that I should set some BIG goals. The trouble is that I need to be able to sit down and figure out the goals and then work out what I need to do to accomplish them. Therein lies the problem. But now that I told you that I was going to do this, I will count on you to keep me accountable. Are you wondering how you can do this? Well, you can ask me how it is going every few days until I am so tired of it that I take the time to work on it. Just leave me a note in the comment section. (If you are one of my siblings, don't waste your comment.  I have learned to ignore you)

The next book that I am going to talk about that I haven't read yet (a dangerous thing to do) is Fully Alive by Ken Davis. This is a new book - it was just released this week. Just learning what the book was about interested me and caught my attention. This book is reportedly about how feeling comfortable is not exciting and you should strive to keep yourself feeling alive by trying new things and changing your attitude to a more adventurous mindset. Let's hope it is about that because that also makes sense to me.

My friend, Ann, and I used to have what could be called "capers". (Not that stuff that goes with fish - an adventure.) Like the time we moved the statue of Mary (Blessed Virgin) around in the Church before her step-daughter's wedding. It is a long story but just go with it was a caper. We were not disrespectful to the statue - we just moved it so it was front and center during the wedding.

We haven't pulled many capers lately. I think we may have been too busy with the sad/unpleasant things going on in our lives. I think I need to change back into the caper gal. It really was more fun. The thing about a caper is that you can laugh thinking about it, then doing it, and then afterwords. That is a lot of laughing. All good and good for you.

Have fun - go plan a caper. It is great for the attitude.

Have you ever had a caper? Are you still laughing about it? Please share it in the comments section. Everyone can enjoy it then.

Thanks for reading!

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