Thursday, June 14, 2012

Let Me Tell You About My Friend

I want to tell you about Ann. 

When Ann was 4 years old, she got sick.  She had an infection went to her hip and effectively ruined her right hip.  She spent years growing up with crutches or lifts in her shoes, or other aids that make a child feel that they are odd. 

As she grew up, she got used to the pain and the limp.  She had a great circle of friends and they were there to support her.
By the time Ann had her 34th birthday, the pain had really escalated.  She found a terrific doctor that she trusted and he replaced her hip.  The hip replacement was a success although she did not have feeling in her right foot. This did not stop her - she would swim, walk, ride an inter-tube off the back of a boat and  in general get around just fine. 

This went on for 18 years and then it was time to have her hip replaced again.  She went into the surgery looking forward to being pain free.  That was two years ago.  Her recovery, due to all she has been though, has not been as smooth as most hip replacements. 

She has not given up.  She still uses a cane to walk although it is sometimes more for security than a necessity.  She meets with a trainer each week to work on getting better.  She swims. She rides a bike. She walks. 

When she started working with her trainer, they set the goal that she would do a triathlon.  The trainer was familiar with a female only triathlon that would be held in June of 2012 and they used that as their training goal. 

In the meantime, she heard about an small local triathlon in May of 2012 and she and her husband entered to participate.

She also joined us when we did the 5K in May. 

All three events have taken place and Ann finished all three.  She did it!  I am so proud to be her friend. She made a decision that she would finish a triathlon and she did the work to be able to do it.

Ann is an inspiration. She set a goal and then worked on each of the pieces that, when put together, pushed her past the finish line. 

I think it is time to decide what I would like to accomplish.  How about you?  Do you have a goal that you have set and are working toward?  Please let me know about it and I will be your cheerleader!  

  Thanks for reading!