Sunday, June 10, 2012

Do the Shoes Make the Man?

Okay, so maybe I am harping on the foot thing a bit too much but it is really important.

About a month ago, we had a discussion about  Father's Day and what to get Silent Sam.  I had gone out that morning with him for a run/walk.  He runs.  I walk.  I noticed that he was wearing his regular old New Balance shoes that he has worn for a long time - the same model not the exact same shoes. 

It came to me that we should get him some new running shoes.  It was suggested that we go to this sports store in  a neighboring town because do all this "fancy" stuff to fit the shoes.  So off we went to surprise SS for Father's Day.  (Yes, we went early - schedules were busy...)  At the store, you can see that there is this special platform that you stand on and they can see the pressure points on your feet.  They also have treadmills so that you can run in the shoes to make sure they are comfortable.  It all looked really high tech. They did not have many shoes out on display but most of the ones on display were in neon colors.  I was really chuckling to myself and just dying to see Silent Sam in neon shoes. 

It came to be our turn (the store was busy) and the salesman started with SS.  He didn't do any of the fancy stuff!  I was pretty disappointed.  He did, however measure SS's feet and get him fitted in new shoes.  It seems that they measure, talk to you about how you use the shoes, and then bring out pairs that they think would be appropriate for you.  SS ended up with a black pair with red accents.  Not quite what I had hoped - I was really pulling for neon. 

What I didn't know until later was that the shoe size was different from his normal size.  He had always gotten a 4E width -he has flat little feet.  It seems that these shoes were a D width.  I think that this change made both of us nervous.  I think he didn't want to get blisters from tight shoes - although he thought that they fit fine. I, of course, was weary of anything that can cause foot sores for him.

We are now a week out with the new shoes and he is thrilled.  They fit great.  I won't go as far as saying that his running is vastly improved but he likes his new shoes. 

Lesson learned - you really need to get your shoes measured so that the fit is the best that it can be for you.  You really should go to a shoe store that knows the products - especially in sport shoes - to get the best fit for your foot - not only size-wise but the correct shoes for your method of exercise.

I'm looking around the the store that sells the best shoes for sitting on the couch.  I think they are called slippers....

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