Tuesday, June 19, 2012

5 Things that Scare Us About Diabetes

Silent Sam and I were talking the other morning.  I asked him what 5 things scared him most about his diabetes.  His ability to answer quickly indicated to me that these things really concern him.

1.  The long term effects on his heart. 

2.  The long term effects of the medicine that he takes.

3.  The threat of losing body parts.

4.  A change in his quality of life due to any or a combination of #1, 2, or 3.

5.  How his choices affect those around him.

He then asked for my list.  While we share some concerns, I have some that are different.

1.  The long term effects on his heart.

2. To go with his fear of losing body parts, I have a bit of a foot obsession with him.  I am so worried that he will get a foot sore and it will get infected and cause problems.  While I feel bad about it, I have asked him to please wear shoes all the time.  I am crazy (yea, I know!) but when I see him in his bare feet, I just cringe. 

3.  Because we have come to rely on our health insurance over the years, I worry about the insurance changing and the expenses associated with the disease.  And yea, it is another area where I can show how crazy I am. 

4.  I worry about our kids.  While a component of the disease is hereditary there is a strong component connected to lifestyle choices.  We did not really demonstrate the best lifestyle to our kids as they were growing up.  We can only hope that they see the effect of our previous lifestyle and the changes that we have made.  (I do have my doubts that we will ever talk them into turkey sausage or sweet potato chips, though)

5.  I worry that we will go back to our "old ways".  That we will slide down that slippery slope and not keep his health (and mine!) at the forefront of our thoughts. 

So there you go.  What  scares you about diabetes?  How do you face that fear?

Thanks for reading.