Monday, May 21, 2012

Shake It Up - a New Goal

Diabetes Blog Week is over and I should be thrilled. Now  I can go back to blogging on the topics that I pick rather than topics picked for me. Unfortunately, I am a complete blank.

 How can this be? I usually have some idea what I would like to talk about but tonight I am staring at the computer screen.

 I think that Silent Sam and I need a pick me up. I think we have both lost a bit of our enthusiasm. We need a swift kick to get going and excited again. How can we do that? Usually you might pick food as an incentive but that is about the opposite of where we should be right now. So what will get us moving enthusiastically again?

 I think that we need to pick a new goal. We are in the time between 5Ks - we finished the one and the next one isn't until the fall. That is actually on purpose - I am not interested in walking in the heat. I really hate to sweat. The thought of paying to walk in the heat makes no sense to me.  No, I will wait until fall and then walk a few 5Ks.

Since Silent Sam is not exactly of fan of me setting goals for him, I suppose I need to set one for myself.

  I think I will set my goal to get on my bike. Specifically, riding my bike to the medical building that I manage. It is about 5 miles away and I have not been on my bike for a  L O N G    L O N G time. I did get the tires filled a few weeks ago and I got on for a minute. I felt really shaky so this will take some work.

 All right, we are set - I have my new goal that will in turn bring new enthusiasm to my life. If I keep saying it it may come true, you know.  I will see if Silent Sam wants to set a new goal for himself. 

 Thanks for reading.


  1. this from the girl who took motorcycle lesssons? I'm thinking a bike without a motor will be easier... good luck!Joan

    1. yes, I did take the motorcycle class late year. I have not given up yet but that hurdle of getting back on is always there.

  2. We'll make it happen this summer neighbor - pedaling and zooming - the best of both worlds!

    1. Great blog, Carol! From one MNINB'r to another, the Versatile Blogger award for all your creative versatility! Check it out at my blog, Colorado Girl Writes,