Monday, May 14, 2012

Diabetes Blog Week - Find a Friend

So this week we will be doing something new at The 9 Inch Plate. I am joining fellow diabetes bloggers in the Third Annual Diabetes Blog Week. This is a week that over 200 Diabetes bloggers join together to discuss the same diabetes topics.

To make this a bit more complicated, today I am also writing my blog using HTML. Why, you ask? Well, I wanted to get that banner across the top of today's post and I could only get it there using HTML. Here is the secret - I don't really know HTML. I am trying to learn about it so that I can do a web site. If I keep this incredibly simple, we might just be okay.

Today's topic is Find a Friend. We are to go through the list of fellow participants and find blogs that we weren't reading yet and connect with a new friend.

I started going through the list. Wow, there are a lot of blogs. I started just picking at random and reading. There were some that were very interesting. The only thing was that most were Type 1 diabetics or Moms of children with diabetes. They all have quite the stories to tell. I was trying to find a friend that would also interest people who read my blog. That way we could both find a friend.

I found someone that I thought was interesting. While she is a Type1 diabetic, which in my book makes her really very admirable, she is also athletic (we are trying....) and she has a great sense of humor. One of her posts told diabetic jokes. Okay, here is the blog for me!

Running on Carbs is the blog I would like you to check out.

Celine's blog is about running, diabetes, and life. She also talks about swimming and shopping. Check it out - I think you will enjoy it.

Let me not forget to talk about Karen. Karen is the one who started Diabetes Blog Week. She has a blog that I also really enjoy. So check it too Bitter~Sweet.

Tomorrow, I am supposed to talk about One Great Thing - the one diabetic thing we do spectacularly well. It will take me hours to come up with this one....

Thanks for reading!