Friday, May 11, 2012

And They Said It Wouldn't Last

Yesterday, Silent Sam and I celebrated 32 years of wedded bliss.  Yea, right.  We celebrated 32 years of loving each other in spite of...

We will be the first to tell you that our lives have been truly blessed. We have had some hard times but not compared to most people.  We have always said that the secret to our marriage is that we are both so shallow.  We have always been able to depend upon each other.  We have two children that are really good people.  They have made us proud too many times to count.  The thing that warms our hearts the most is that they love each other and get along together.  What more could we want? (okay, supporting us in our old age would be good...)

Yes, there have been some problems.  Mostly health related problems.  But even then, we were blessed.  When our son was diagnosed with a brain malformation (his brain is too big - oh, so many jokes...) it was diagnosed before anything that could have gone wrong went wrong.  We never lived the parent's nightmare of having something wrong that it took forever to discover the problem.  Three neurosurgeries later and he is fine.  (he is dying right now - I made that sound like it wasn't anything - it was, don't worry)  When our daughter had six weeks of painful headaches, we found the specialist who could solve the problem and we could move on.  When I didn't really think about the ramifications for my family and I moved my parents so that they were closer to us, they have not held it against me.  Between the four of us and my parents, I have been in almost every cubical in the emergency room.  (the hospital has a big emergency room)

We have been able to find humor in the various situations.  We cope.  We love, we laugh, and we move on.  (although we are not beyond continuing to tease about certain things...)

The rock (is that a compliment - yes!) has been Silent Sam.  He has been there to keep the ship steady.  So it did shake it up a bit to have him be the one with a health issue and a serious heath issue.  Once again we are blessed that he could acknowledge the issue and decide to be a good patient.  He is working on his health and that is what counts.

Diabetes is a serious disease but it will not change the fundamentals of our family.  It has caused shifts that are good changes.  It has made us pay attention and not just drift health wise.  Like times before, we adjust and move on.  I will admit that we have not found a lot of diabetes jokes but give us more time.  Someone is bound to say something inappropriate.  

So at 32 years, we are just starting.  No, I won't even calculate how old I will be after 32 more years. (let's see, I was 12 when we married....)  Bring it on - what fun to discover what will happen next!

Oh and a note for those who regularly follow this blog - Yes, we married 2 years and 9 days after our kissverary.  

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  1. I just saw this one and loved it :) As an observer for a good portion of the 32 years, I haven't found any shallowness yet and instead lots of depth. The humor is a family trademark and the kids are really great too.

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Thanks, Tish. We have been so fortunate - another one of our blessings is great neighbors who are so willing to help!