Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An Aid to Help Remember

Let me just say that this Blog Week is great. I don't have to think up a topic for the day. Except for the thinking about the topic and then writing about it - it is a piece of cake. (yea, because the thinking and writing are so easy...)

Today's topic is "What one thing would we improve."

This is so easy compared to yesterday. One thing that we need to improve is for Silent Sam to remember (and for us to remind him) to take his levels before dinner. We had a similar problem when he was supposed to "shoot up" before dinner. I wrote about this once and received a great suggestion. That suggestion was to put a reminder note in the cabinet on top of the dinner plates. This would probably really work if one of us would actually put the note in the cabinet.

So, I have done it - I have made a little sign and put it into the cabinet on top of the dinner dishes.

Hopefully this will help us with this one problem. Thank you, Karen, from www.Bitter~Sweet for having me write about this. By bringing it to my attention again, we might have found a way to help.

My mind is already reeling for tomorrow's topic. A Fantasy Diabetes Device. I cannot guarantee it yet, but I think that the device may involve electric shock therapy.... Just kidding!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Don't feel too bad. I've been known to sit down and start eating, only to exclaim, "Damn, I have diabetes! I have to test! I have to take insulin!"

  2. I purposely sent Silent Sam to the plate cabinet last night to see the sign. I am not sure he was impressed. Probably just thought I was being a bit nutty .. It is hard to remember. I am pretty impressed that he remembers to take his Metforman when we aren't eating at home. He has put some up in the bathroom upstairs so that if he remembers late he only has to go a few steps rather than go downstairs.