Monday, April 23, 2012

Top 5 Things That Have Made a Difference - Emotionally

I though it was time for a "all star" list of things that have made a difference since we started on this path.  In discussing this with Silent Sam, we decided that there are two sides to the list - the emotional support side and the actual change side. 

Today, I will give you our list of emotional support that is making the difference.

5.  Being open to new foods.- We are all willing to try food prepared in a different way and we are trying new foods.

4.  Working together to plan - We sit down and plan our meals together.  We do it in conjunction with making the grocery  list. While still not my favorite way to spend time Saturday morning, it is very helpful that it is a group effort. 

3.  Trying not to shoot for perfection - since we are trying new things all the time, there are times that the recipes just don't work.  It is okay - there is another meal the next day that will be great.  Or we can discuss what we think should be changed to improve the recipe.  We can't let any mistakes stop us. 

2.  Continue to make changes.  We are still finding things that we can do better.  It is simply a drag not being perfect but I am used to it by now...  We will do things - like order out and then afterwords it will hit me that we could have done something easier and better for us.  Although there are times that ordering out is just what the doctor ordered....(okay, I ordered)

1.  Knowing that this is a group effort - we are all getting healthier.  I think this is so important to our "new lifestyle".  There was never any question as to whether we would all change.  We are Team SS.   Silent Sam isn't being singled out and getting separate food nor are we ignoring his condition.  We are going with the three musketeer rule on this - one for all and all for one.

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