Monday, April 16, 2012

Life Without Shots

You may find this hard to believe but Silent Sam is not having any problem adjusting to life without shots.  It is a great step.  He is still checking his levels twice a day and reporting them to the doctor.

But it is not as easy as just continuing what we have been doing. 

Everyone's body has it's own quirks.  We all react differently to different things.  In fact, our bodies can react differently to the same thing at a different times.

So now we adjust to blood glucose levels without insulin.  It is much harder to keep the levels in the range that Silent Sam likes for himself.  His levels are good but not as good as he wants them to be. It is sometimes easy to see why the level went up - perhaps the Oreo McFlurry caused that spike Saturday night.  But there are other times that it is baffling why the level isn't where he wants it to be. 

So we have to readjust.  We probably have to be a bit better than we have been.  It is worth the "prize" of being cut back on and then getting off the oral medication.  That is our goal. 

We will continue to find new ways to satisfy hunger with tastier food rather than more food.  We will continue to try new recipes each week.  I will share them as soon as we think they work.  We have tried some that need some adjustments and I will share as soon as they are better.

By the way, the Oreo McFlurry was good.  Everyone needs a treat occasionally.  We just need to remember the "occasional" part!

Thanks for reading!

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