Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Kissversary!

Happy May Day!!!  May 1 has a big significance in our house.  Hard as it is to believe, we know that on May 1, 1978, Silent Sam kissed me for the first time.  (My entire family is absolutely dying that I have written this)  We have been kissing for 34 years!  May 1 is our Kissversary - our kiss anniversary. 

It seems like yesterday in some ways.  When we met, I was living downtown Chicago with my parents.  The building had a gym and pool and I was working out regularly.

Would I change anything from the last 34 years?  I would - I would eat better and exercise regularly.  I know that sounds hard to believe but I think that keeping up is easier than starting and stopping.  We probably would have prevented Silent Sam from getting diabetes.  As far at the rest of the stuff, I think I would like to change my reactions to things but the events of our life are what brought us to where we are today. (Oh, I do wish that I bought Microsoft and Apple stock)

I had the strong desire to shelter my children from some life events.  To save them from hurt when they were young.  It seems that was not the way it was going to go. They had to experience surgery and learn about death much earlier than I would have wanted but I think that it helped to make us closer and appreciate each other. 

So now we fight diabetes as a group.  Yet another life event I would like to have passed up but here it is.  We will battle on, learn more, and see where it takes us. 

So go out and kiss the one you love and wish them a Happy Kissversary.  You are invited to share our day with us.  

Thanks for reading!