Tuesday, April 17, 2012

5K on 5/5

The 5K that we have signed up for is coming fast.  It is 18 days away.

Are we ready for this?

Personally, I would like to scream "NO!".  I have been walking 5 days a week down by the lake.  I keep increasing my walks thinking that each increase has gotten me to 5K.

No such luck.

I sat down with  yesterday and figured out how far I need to go to complete the 5K.  So this morning I did it.  I walked the 5K in 65 minutes.  Not bad but I am not sure I will be able to move the rest of the day.  I am tired. Really, I feel like my day is finished at 7:30 a.m.

The worst part is that I think I am getting slower. I really would like to finish in less than one hour. It will be interesting to see how the other walkers in our group will do.  Silent Sam has been doing more than a 5K on the treadmill each night.  I think he is just showing off. 

The Runners vs. the Walkers

There are ten of us doing this 5K together. Some will be walking (5) and some running (5).  Silent Sam is going to walk this race but plans to run in a race in the fall. It will be interesting to see how everyone's different race prep works out.  I wonder if the treadmill trainers will find it easier than the those training outdoors.  Personally, since I have been in the outdoor group, I am pulling for the outdoor trainers....

We are planning to do the American Diabetes walk in the fall.  I have made the stipulation that we do walks in the spring and fall.  None of these summer (hot weather) walks for me!  I really don't like sweating.  Silent Sam plans to run the race in the fall.  Maybe by then I will be able to jog a step or two.  No promises.  I will be happy to speed up my walking.   Who am I kidding - I will be thrilled to finish!

Have you been walking?   

Looking on line, there are lots of different programs for beginning a walking program.   Here are three that you can check out -

Why don't you plan on joining us in the fall for the Diabetes walk?  It would be great to have you with us.  We could be a team!  We could be the Silent Sam Strollers or how about The  9 Inch Plate Patter? 

What do you think?  Are you in?

Thanks for reading!

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