Monday, March 5, 2012

What Happens When You Go On Vacation?

If you are Silent Sam and I, you blow your "new lifestyle eating".  Yes, we did.  We did try and at parts we succeeded.  But the scale doesn't lie.  Also, the glucose monitor doesn't lie.  Really, I wish they would.  Can't you imagine the scale thinking "Oh, she is having a bad day, I'll lighten it up a little for her."  Yea, that never happens. 

This trip was planned before the diagnosis (Dum Dum Dum - ominous sound effect).  We had planned a 7 day cruise in the Caribbean.  When we planned it, we thought that we would need to get away - little did we know how much we would need to get away.  Silent Sam voiced his worry that I would be perhaps a bit too strict with the rules while we were gone.  I promised that he was an adult and I would not hover and preach.  Everyone we told that we were going looked at us and said "How are you going keep your momentum on a cruise?"  We assured everyone that while there is plenty of food available on a cruise that they don't really overload the plates in the dining rooms and that we would be just fine. 

Yes, we were fooling ourselves.  We both really tried not to eat things that we knew were really bad for us.  I think we both probably would have said that we didn't misbehave "that much".  Oh, the power of the mind to deceive! 

On the good side, we did exercise almost every day.  We went to the fitness center on board and used the machines.  At least we could feel virtuous about that. 

I think that we were both careful at breakfast.  Breakfast is a buffet meal and it is easy to load up that plate.  We would both start with fruit and yogurt.  Not bad except we didn't stop there.  We should have stopped there...  Lunches were probably okay - lots of salads.  Oh did I mention the pretzel rolls?  Okay, I think pretzel rolls are one of God's favorite foods that he gave us as a treat.  So good!  They had fresh pretzel rolls at lunch each day.  Then came dinner.  We were wrong.  They served more food than we thought.  We ate more food than we should have eaten.  Oh, it was really good. 

There was some, hmmmm..alcohol. The drinking thing is a bit of a problem.  It seems that Silent Sam should only have a drink with a meal but really, who drinks scotch with a meal.  It is sort of a pre or post meal drink.  So we would have some snacks and drinks before dinner. On the plus side - not drinking without food - on the minus side - eating more.  Of course, not drinking would solve this problem but that is not going to happen.  Check that box for another area of  needs improvement.

When we got home, Silent Sam weighed himself.  He had gained 11 pounds.  (HUGE GASP, please)  I didn't have the backbone to step on the scale.  One week after the trip, SS had lost all the weight.  I finally got on the scale and was up one pound from pre-trip weight. 

While we did get back on track when we got home, it still means that we have not truly made "the great transformation".  It is still really easy to go back to our old ways.  I think it is called being human.  We had been on our new routine for about 9 weeks when we went away.  We slipped up.  We got back on the routine.  Know what?  We will probably screw up again.  As long as we find our way back before we are too bad, it will be okay. We are changing a lifetime of behavior here.  It will not happen without some bumps in the road.  At least we have each other to lean on. 

Thanks for reading!

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