Monday, March 19, 2012

Does Cleaning and Organizing Your Cabinets Make You a Better Person?


It does give you a moment of satisfaction and perhaps a second of superiority that your cabinets are cleaned and organized....

When Silent Sam was first diagnosed, the dietician recommended a cookbook.  I will suggest this cookbook to you if I ever decide that I like it.  Anyway, during those first days, I read through the cookbook.  It talked a lot about organizing your kitchen.  Really, I had no idea what we were doing and if Silent Sam was okay and this person thought that organizing my kitchen was important? 

Okay, she was right but not right then. 

I finally had to admit that if the corner cabinet in the kitchen was organized instead of being a black hole, that it might be easier to put together a shopping list and perhaps even make cooking easier.  So bright and early on Saturday morning,  I started with the cabinet.  Wow!  There was a lot of junk in there.  I was amused by some of the expiration dates.  While I didn't think it had been that long since we had cleaned out that cabinet, I was wrong.  But it felt good to pull everything out, wash down the shelves and put things back so that items can be found again.  When I finished, there was a lot of extra space in the cabinet. 

So now if I need tomato sauce, I can find all the cans of it that I have in one place.  Amazing. So perhaps taking a few minutes to clean and organize your cabinets is a big help in planning meals.

Let's see how long it can stay that way....

What have you found that helps you get your grocery list done quickly?  Please share any hint that you may have in the comments section below. 

Thanks for reading!