Friday, February 24, 2012

Rant, Rant, Alex Baldwin, Rant Rant

I was up later than usual the other night and David Letterman was on TV.  To be honest, I wasn't looking at the TV, I was lying in bed falling asleep.  His first guest was Alex Baldwin.  Dave (my good buddy) complimented him on his apparent weight loss.  Alex told Dave that he discovered that he was "allergic to sugar".  Dave asked him what that meant and Alex said that he could not eat sugar and that it was hard because sugar was in lots of foods.  That he could not even eat pasta because it converts to sugar in the body.  It turns out after further conversation, that old Alex is not allergic to sugar but he was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. 


The first question that I could raise is - Is it better to be "allergic to sugar" than pre-diabetic?  I suppose in those famous words "Whatever gets you through the night" but golly wouldn't you, as a famous celebrity, be doing a great service to admit that you were diagnosed as pre-diabetic and have decided to take control of the situation to try and avoid becoming diabetic?  That could actually help people. 

BUT (and this is really more my rant on the subject) JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE PRE-DIABETIC OR EVEN DIABETIC IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU CANNOT EAT CERTAIN FOODS.  You can eat anything with moderation and a little planning.  Granted, moderation could be the diabetic's 4 letter word but if you want a taste of something - you can have a taste.  No, you cannot eat an entire cherry pie. You can plan in your meal selection to have a small piece of cherry pie.  Or a couple of cookies. Or a small dish of ice cream.  You may decide that it is not worth eating a small piece but you have made that decision.

I think that is is easy to understand that if you are told that you can NEVER have something again, you are going to eat it.  You are going to want that cherry pie so bad that you will be ready to sell your wife (my husband's fondest wish) to get it.  You can't have as much of it as you may have had in the past but (and I know you won't necessarily believe me - I wouldn't have before) you can have a smaller amount and you can enjoy it.  Perhaps you will discover that mindfully eating it - actually paying attention to what you are eating and eating it slowly will help you enjoy the small portion just as much as the portions size you used to have.  Try putting the fork down in between each bite.  Kind of like the 9 inch plate - it does help. 

So, this isn't what I was supposed to write about today but I am in rant mode and you get to find out about it.  I am still irritated with Alex Baldwin. 

Thanks for reading!

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