Saturday, February 25, 2012

Has any of this worked?

I guess I have to start off and apologize to ALEC Baldwin for screwing up his first name.  I apologize.  It was an mistake.  I know he understands about mistakes....

So, you are wondering if the changes around here have produced any results. A very valid question.  Let me first tell you that Silent Sam's home diabetes team has a challenge in progress.  Yes, as of the end of November, Silent Sam, our daughter, her boyfriend, and our son are completing to see who can lose the highest percentage of weight.  WHAT??  Where is your name on that list, oh Wifey?  Quite frankly, I don't do well in those types of competitions.  Even if I set a goal for myself like - I will lose 5 lbs. in the next month - I will screw it up.  So I did not join the competition. 

Each of the competitors put $50 in the kitty.  The winner at the end of April takes the entire $200.  I took a quick poll this morning so I could give you an update.

Silent Sam - 8.6% down
Daughter -   4.9% down
Boyfriend -  5.8% down 
                                                            Son         -   Not telling   -"Oh, I haven't weighed myself lately...."

If I were in the competition, I would be in last place.  Whew, saved that $50.  

There is no question that Silent Sam has lost weight.  Not only can you tell it in his face but his mid-section is greatly reduced.  He is down two pant sizes and one shirt size.  Even his underwear got baggy!  In case you think this has all been smooth sailing, we did take a vacation and he gained weight on that vacation.  He took it off the first week home but still, it was bit of a shock to see how much he gained that week.  I did not get on the scale when we got back because I am a chicken.  We have been back 2 weeks and I am still up one pound from pre-vacation. 

Probably the bigger change is in his medications.  When we got home from the hospital, he was on an injection before each meal and one before bed.  His injections have been stepped down several times since then.  He is now on two injections a day - one in the morning and one before dinner.  We are really hoping that in the next 6 months or so he will be off the injections and down to oral medication.  Then at some point off that also.  

Silent Sam is a very focused kind of guy.  While he ignored the "pre" phase, he is certainly not ignoring the "you have it now" phase.  Please understand, I think this is a very hard disease for a person to accept.  He doesn't really feel any different than he did before.  There is no obvious sign of illness.  The problem is that it can be so devastating to your body.  I know that they say that high blood pressure is the silent killer but I think that that same logic can apply to diabetes.  It is hard to want to admit to and I am very fortunate that he is working on it.  Let's hope that he thinks he is very fortunate to have a wife that has decided to write about this to the entire world. 

Oh, that exercise crap.  Ah, there is always tomorrow... to write about it.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I got excited thinking this was a scandalous kinda post when in your weigh in you list "boyfriend". Alas this was clarified when I read the second paragraph! hehe...
    Great work Cooneys! My husband has greatly enjoyed checking Brian out every Saturday on his way back from Dominicks..."man that guy is looking fantastic...his pants barely fit!"